Solderstar SLX, the new benchmark in Thermal profiling.

Solderstar SLX, the new benchmark in Thermal profiling.

Solderstar, the successful manufacturer of dedicated thermal profiling systems for electronics soldering processes, has just announced the successor of the famous SolderstarPro.

The all new Solderstar SLX is 100% compatible with existing accessories, but offers great improvements.

The system features 12 thermocouple channels, offers a 10x faster USB connection, is loaded with much more internal memory and can automatically detect in what accessories the unit is being used and how many channels are being used, without any set-up time in the software.

Solderstar SLX can be used for profiling  Reflow ovens, Vapor Phase Soldering -, Wave Soldering - and Selective Soldering Equipment. The large internal memory allows 12 independent profile measurements from various processes, prior the need to connect to a computer, reducing the time to check all your equipment. With the optional RF connection this can be done remotely.

Solderstar’s advanced software with smart prediction functions will minimize the required amount of measurements and will assist in achieving the best soldering quality.

A large amount of dedicated unique fixtures is available for easy repeatable measurements of all relevant process parameters in your machines. Solderstar SLX is the new heart of all these devices and can easily be exchanged by simply sliding it in the SmartLink connector of each device.

The system is prepared for future accessories, such as solutions for vacuum ovens etc.

Please let us know if want to learn more about the unlimited possibilities of the SolderstarSLX or if you wish support from one of our application engineers in optimizing your soldering processes.

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