Solder Paste Inspection

Over the last few year numerous studies have been perfomed proving that up to 70% of all SMD solder joint issues can be traced back to the solder paste printing process. These printing errors may be caused by incorrect setup, stencil damage, stencil design or type, solder past type or conditions or a collection of several issues. Through exclusive partnerships with ASM Assembly and MEK Europe we can offer our customers the perfect Solder Paste Inspection solutions for their specific requirements. 

ASM - Process Expert

The ASM ProcessExpert is the first self-learning inline expert system for electronics manufacturing. The Process Expert checks the printing results, continuously optimezes the printing process and controls the printers.

    • Stable printing processes.

    • Siginificant time savings

    • Lower costs

    • And a much more productive production line


Mek 5D SPI technology is a new, no compromise, approach to SPI for total defect coverage.

Together with MEK as partner we can advice our customers on solutions to prevent solder print issues as well as as supporting them by making their own studie on how to improve their process control. 

    • Prevent 70% of defects which are typically printing related.

    • Detect Anomalies in printing process before lead to defects

    • Instant yield improvement

    • Reduce rework costs

ASM Assembly Systems

ASM is world's largest supplier of best-in-class equipment and technological process partner of the electronics industry.  With ASM we support electronics manufacturers in setting up their Integrated Smart Factory. 

Together with ASM we offer our customers complete, networked and highly integrated hardware and software solutions and are  a competent, long-term partner when it comes to setting up their Smart Factories.

MEK Europe

Mek is a leading supplier of Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
technologies and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for
SMD and Trough-hole technology. 

Bij understanding the science behind the electronics assembly
process, and the needs of the assemblers, MEK Europe has been
at the forefront of developing pioneering solutions such as 24-bit
colour imaging defect detection, full 3D AOI and 5D post-print SPI.

Partnertec, your partner in best all-round solutions!

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