Ionic Contamination Test

The ionic contamination measurement (ROSE Test) is an extractive analysis technique, in order to determine average ionic contamination on a component assembly.

By using a contaminometer or omegameter, the total ionic content is calculated as an equivalent to sodium chloride, enabling a comparable quantitative resolution of the contamination on the board. This method makes it possible to detect electrical conductive substances on PCBAs, enabling initial risk assessment. This recognizes problems at an early stage which could possibly lead to field failures caused by temporary leakage currents or electrochemical migration.

For a more precise analysis, complex methods such as ion chromatography are available. This method analyses the ionic species on the board surface and assesses its overall cleanliness level.

Zestron can offer you:
  • Identification of the iconic contamination on your electronic assemblies (maximum size 350 x 250 x 80 mm / 140 x 100 x 32 inch)
    • Performed in accordance with IPC Standard TM-650
    • Evaluation of the measurement result in accordance with IPC Standard J-STD-001 n

  • A detailed technical report

The principle - ionic contamination measurements:

The ions present on the assemly are released within an extraction liquid and determined by a conductance detector. By using a software the measurement value is calculated as an equivalent to sodium chloride, which serves as a reference value.

  • Ionic contamination measurement is suitable for post-soldering proof of purity per official regulations, verifying surface quality following cleaning of prior to subsequent coating or bonding processes.
  • Quantitative determination of the ionic contamination on your assemblies in µg/cm² equiv. NaCl, which allows for an internal risk assessment.
  • Basis for internal quality standards.
  • Continous monitioring of quality through regular sample-based measurement.

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