Zestron Eye Mobile

Zestron Eye Mobile

Achieving a precise concentration value within seconds!

The ZESTRON® EYE Mobile is the ideal tool to monitor the cleaning agent concentration of several pcb and stencil cleaning machines with only one device.

The device is designed for user-friendliness and has an intuitive interface. With this, the user is guided step-by-step to the precise measurement result and data storage. The user needs only to select the preconfigured measurement profile with the required parameters of the cleaning system; the device automatically takes over all further steps within a few seconds.
Upon ordering the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile the measuring profiles can be preconfigured by ZESTRON or can be created by the user using the supplied PC software.

The practical refill recommendation helps keep the cleaning agent concentration in the optimal range. In this case, at the end of the measurement process the user receives a volume recommendation of cleaner or DI-water to be added to the system.

Of course, the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile also offers complete documentation and storage of the measurement results for process control and traceability, which can be transferred to a PC via the software.

Key benefits of the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile:

  • Fast and precise concentration measurement
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective
  • Practical dosing function
  • Data logging and traceability

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