MEK ISO Spector M2: full 3D AOI system renewed!

MEK ISO Spector M2:  full 3D AOI system renewed!

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MEK has released its upgraded 3D AOI flagship. The new ISO-Spector M2 is equipped with a brand-new, improved digital Moiré projector with higher accuracy, reducing the number of projections required and shortening inspection time by 25% With its 25-megapixel ultra-high-resolution camera and large 69x69mm field of view, the M2 is among the fastest and most accurate 3D inspection systems in the world. The system now comes with MEK’s new AI-driven EZpro programming software, which automatically recognizes CAD formats, footprints, and multi-panels from any given CAD format. The industry-leading AI-driven automatic programming algorithm for solder-joint inspection reduces programming time and minimizes false calls. Low learning skills are required, and inspection results are independent of who creates the program. Almost all programming can be done offline without needing a sample board, allowing the AOI to remain running production. As a result, the overall programming time is commonly below 30 minutes, making the system suitable for small batch production.

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