Nordson Test & Inspection a new name for well-known brands

Nordson Test & Inspection a new name for well-known brands

Nordson has merged its daughter companies Dage, Matrix, Sonoscan, Yestech and Assure under one new corporate brand and logo; ‘’Nordson Test & Inspection’’

Partnertec has been Nordson Dage distributors for many years and a lot of customers in the Benelux are using Dage Manual X-ray Inspection systems to verify the quality of their PCB assemblies.

Over the years Nordson acquired several companies, such as Matrix for automated X-ray inspection equipment, Assure for automated component counting and Sonoscan for acoustic imaging. Partnertec added their products to expand our portfolio. Now all these companies will operate under one brand, Nordson Test & Inspection.

Nordson Test & Inspection is also restructuring its sales and support channel to better serve the needsof customers and distributors. Cross training among all staff will improve the service level and a central spare-part hub in Germany should resolve logistic issues experienced since Brexit.

For Europe, all demo equipment is now available in one large modern application center in Feldkirchen, only a few minutes drive from Munich Airport.

Please note this reorganization and rebranding does not affect other Nordson Divisions and companies such as Nordson Asymtek.

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