ASMPT WORKS Process Expert

ASMPT WORKS Process Expert

Optimization along the entire SMT line

Modern Pick & Place and Inspection machines, such as SPI and AOI, collect
a countless amount of quality related data.

Presenting such data to engineers and operators in a useful manner is very challenging. Judging
and using it for efficient corrective actions shortly after the information is collected is even harder.
ASMPT’s WORKS Process Expert software is the world’s first self-learning, in-line and close-loop,
process improvement system for SMT lines, that can act instantly and accurately.

Process Expert was Introduces about 7 years ago and was initially designed for close-loop optimizing
DEK stencil printing processes, using measurements collected by the accurate ASMPT Process Lens
Solder Paste Inspection system.

Process Expert uses an advanced self-learning algorithm, in combination with a smart knowledge database
containing information about how all Stencil printer settings effect the solder deposit. Based on a unique
Design of Experiment concept, it takes close-loop corrective actions to optimize the printing process
entirely. It even offers an integrated DFM tool (Design for Manufacturing), to check the robustness of
the stencil design and recommend on initial machine settings and required tooling, prior to starting
the real printing process.

Recently ASMPT has expanded the functionality of WORKS Process Expert and opened up the system
for data import from third party measurement systems.

The latest version can now also collect data from end-of-line AOI systems and ASMPT P&P machines
and supports the optimization of the placement process by driving the operators to the tasks with the
highest positive impact on the process. With its connection to SPI and AOI systems, it supports

process- and quality engineers in identifying the defect root-cause across the entire SMT line.

SMT line

Seamless connectivity of the inspection solutions in the SMT line is ensured by the open IIoT
and communication standard IPC-CFX.

The smart software thus becomes a powerful solution for higher yields and better quality while
simultaneously reducing operator assists along the entire SMT line, making it a significant
contributor to the realization of the integrated smart factory.

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